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Creative people come to Cathy for creative coaching!

Coaching FAQ

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a way to reframe problems and look at issues in a new way. Working with me will help you dig below the surface to uncover insights and solutions.

You can contact me before you purchase a coaching session for more specific detail, but in general, this is how it goes:
1. We will schedule a mutually convenient time to talk over the phone. I am usually available evenings in the Mountain time zone or weekends. I will email you a reminder the day before your scheduled session.
2. Have a pen or pencil and some paper handy during your call, or even crayons, markers, or other simple art supplies. I might ask you to make a doodle or word collage to tap into your right brain as we discuss your issue. However, you don't have to go out and buy anything! Just use whatever you have.
3. After the call, I will email you with any follow-up information, including any additional exercise instructions I suggested.
4. After one week, I will email you to follow-up on your progress.

Why do I need to sign the "client agreement" document?

I require coaching clients to read and sign my client agreement to set clear and realistic expectations for our relationship as coach and client. If you have questions or concerns about the form, I would be happy to talk to you over phone or Skype to understand your situation. You can contact me to set this up.

How do I schedule a follow-up session?

If you purchased a package and didn't schedule all of your sessions in advance, I will reach out to you one month after your last session to follow-up and give you the option to schedule your remaining sessions.

If you completed the sessions in your package and would like more support, we can talk about putting together a custom session/package for you. General pricing is $45 for 30 minutes or $90 per hour, but we can figure something out for your specific needs and budget.

You can also join my monthly e-newsletter to stay in touch. You must opt-in for the newsletter; I won't subscribe you without a specific request on your part. You can sign up on the front home page.

Do you offer a pay-what-you-can session?

Yes! Message me to discuss a custom session/package. Depending on your budget and what kind of help you're looking for, I'm sure we can set up something to support you.

Can I purchase a session as a gift?

Yes; for $45, your recipient can choose either one 30-minute coaching session, one 9-card tarot spread based on the feng shui baguas, or one 20-minute coaching session including a 3-card tarot reading. Purchase the bagua reading on my Etsy shop and include the recipient email in the notes to seller. I will contact her/him and explain who the gift is from and what their options are to redeem the credit. (Note: the $45 price point is the only one with this flexibility. If you would like to set up a custom gift package, please email me.)

Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?

Yes, I offer occasional coupon codes to e-newsletter subscribers, as well as special offers for participants in tele-classes or e-classes.

I'm curious about Cathy's ARTbundance certification. Where can I get more information?

ARTbundance is taught by Marney Makridakis of Artella Words and Art. Visit Artella for more information on ARTbundance. You can also email me to ask about my experience in the training program. I loved being a part of "ACT 8", the eighth ARTbundance training session, and would be happy to tell you all about it!

An ARTbundance Coach and Practitioner is a unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual guide. This unique training allows me to greatly assist clients in accessing and using their creativity in powerful ways to catalyze greater awareness, joy, prosperity, and meaning in life.

My training consisted of in-depth, soul-stirring study of the ARTbundance Principles and ARTsignments, as well as training and experience with integrating ARTbundance into live presentations, and working one-on-one with clients to apply the ARTbundance Principles to help them reach greater self-awareness and follow their heart's true desires.

I have more questions. How do I contact Cathy?

Contact me for any questions or comments. You can ask your questions via this form and I will respond by email. We can also schedule a free phone/Skype conversation to discuss your questions if you'd rather talk live.

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