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Hibernate - a four-week e-class
January 9-30, 2015

Thank you for coming to Hibernate!
  • Do you crave a rest from every-day life, even a short one?
  • Do you want to spend some time unplanning and being still?
  • Does the energy of winter call you to go within?

Winter is a time for rest. In the northern hemisphere, with all of the holiday bustle, we don't often get an opportunity to take a rest. I invite you to spend four weeks in January to do just that. From January 9-30, we will practice resting. We'll start out slow to get you used to it and give yourself permission, and I hope by February you will feel rejuvenated and ready to welcome the energy of spring.

This class is for anyone who would like a time-out, to schedule doing nothing for a few hours or days, to relocate your baseline and restore your life to a more manageable balance.

Registration is now open! ($26)

To get you ready to hibernate, please enjoy this audio meditation:

Download the Hibernate meditation here (~15 minutes in length)

This is a free recording. The recording of this meditation is copyrighted material and may not be sold or distributed by any means without permission from Cathy Carpenter and Exploring Your Depths. Thank you for your cooperation.

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"I like taking breaks. Breaks take us out of auto-pilot and bring us back to mindfulness. I encourage you to take lots of breaks, whether it's a long winter rest or a brief pause to be sure you're on the right track. Pick whatever size break is right for you."
Quote from Exploring Your Depths blog, June 2014