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Creative people come to Cathy for creative coaching!


I offer two types of class - live/recorded tele-classes or e-classes.
Links below take you to information/ordering pages.

Tele-classes: These classes focus on the tarot archetypes of the major
arcana cards to use these themes for self-development; after the live class,
the recording is available for purchase

Visit the teleclass page for more information.

E-classes: These classes are delivered right to your email inbox

How to Paint Like a
12-year Old

April 2-12, 2018 - 2-week class

This class is for anyone who made art as a kid but let their skills lapse for any reason; maybe you couldn't make your art look like you wanted or you were discouraged from spending time in creative pursuits as you got into your tween years.

LOVE Your Writing

September 2-27, 2018 - 4-week class

This class is for anyone who wants to reconnect to your passion for writing in general or specifically for a project you're working on.

I also taught "Intuitive Painting" at the Colorado Free University in Denver.

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"Choosing is one of the exciting things about being a human. We don't have to rely on animal instincts to rule our lives. We can create our life with our choices. Wherever you are right this minute, all of your previous choices got you here. And if you don't like where you are, you can choose to move in a new direction."
Quote from Exploring Your Depths blog, August 2012