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Creative people come to Cathy for creative coaching!

Coaching Session:
"Empress Yourself, expanded!"

Empress Yourself for more creativity, abundance, and vitality!

  • Are you drained, exhausted, and thirsty for balance?
  • Do you want to overcome blocks, fears, and limitations?
  • Are you tired of playing small? Do you want to claim your creative potential?

I've long been a student of self-development. I've also been studying and reading tarot since about 1993. I thought tarot would be a great vehicle to explore self-development, because the archetypes in tarot can help us learn about parts of ourselves. The Empress is a powerful female archetype and she has a lot to teach us about living a full, abundant, creative life!

Male or female, we all can tap into goddess energy to help balance our busy, chaotic lives.

With "Empress Yourself, expanded!", you will::

  • Identify self-care practices for healing and energy renewal
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and outgrow creative blocks
  • Reconnect with your innate creative power

When you order "Empress Yourself, expanded!", you will get my "Empress Yourself" teleclass recording and 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching. The teleclass gives you a guided meditation and 3 exercises, plus a workbook with 3 more exercises and an Empress tarot spread. After you listen to the class and do the first 3 exercises, I'll send you a short survey to frame our three coaching sessions (30 minutes each) using the themes of the teleclass: nurturing, abundance, and creation.

Sign up for "Empress Yourself, expanded!" and get the teleclass download link immediately ($154 for 90 minutes of coaching plus a teleclass recording and workbook)

Coaching clients can also get half-off a tarot reading. Message me to set it up.

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""Your flaws represent places in your life where you have a lot to learn. Think of your flaws as opportunities for growth."
Quote from Exploring Your Depths blog, January 2013