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Creative people come to Cathy for creative coaching!

Coaching Session: "Yes, and ..."

Yes, and ... You can have a day-job and eat your creative cake, too

  • Do you crave Work-Art balance?
  • Are you tired of sacrificing your creativity for your day-job, chores, and family and social obligations?
  • Do you need help prioritizing your creativity, setting and meeting creative goals, and establishing boundaries to protect your create time and energy?

I've been struggling to find Work-Art balance since I was in high school. I've tried lots of different tips and routines, and honestly I'm still working on attaining this balance. It is a practice, and I want to help you establish a foundation to build this practice in your life. When you integrate these seemingly disparate parts, you begin to heal yourself and allow more creativity to blossom. Work and art don't need to be at war. Integrate the mundane and the magical for a more fulfilling life!

"Yes, and ...", is a three-part coaching module where we will:

  • Figure out what "Work-Art balance" means for you
  • Set creative goals and action plans
  • Establish boundaries to protect your creative time and energy

When you register for "Yes, and ...", we will work together to schedule your first session (30 minutes) at a time that's convenient for both of us. I'll send you a short survey for you to complete in advance to help me frame our session. Session 1 will delve into how you want your life to look and brainstorm some ways to get there. Session 2 (30 minutes) will delve into your creative goals, what is holding you back, and how to fight for what you need. Session 3 (30 minutes) will help you establish boundaries to protect your creative goal. I will follow up with you via email two weeks after your last session and another month after that to see how your new routines are holding up.

We have enough time to do what is important. Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, and Oprah all had the same number of hours in a day. Thinking you don't have enough time is a story society tells you to play small - society wants you to play small so other people feel better about themselves not accomplishing goals. If you want to feel better about yourself, you can drop that story of little time and do big things anyway. Don't wait for inspiration, show up anyway, dabble until the muse arrives to join you. I can help support you.

Register for "Yes, and ..." and let's do it! ($138 for 90 minutes of coaching)

If this sounds good but you want to add extra support, check out "Anchor Away with Accountability" ($270 for 180 minutes of coaching)

If this sounds good but you're not ready to invest that much money in your progress yet, check out my free "Creativity Health Plan" session, 30-45 minutes of coaching to relieve your creativity dis-ease

Coaching clients can also get half-off a tarot reading. Message me to set it up.

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"I say whenever you feel you can't take a break is a perfect time to make yourself take one."
Quote from Exploring Your Depths blog, February 2014