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Creative people come to Cathy for creative coaching!


I completed my certification as an ARTbundance coach and practitioner to "use art and creativity as a conduit for exploration and transformation." I have three free coaching options and a number of paid session options. Which one is a good fit for you?

Free Coaching Options

Free "Creativity Health Plan" Session, 30-45 minutes
Coaching to relieve your creativity dis-ease
Take my free Creativity Health Assessment quiz and let's work on relieving your creative dis-ease

Free "Uncover Your Creative Gifts" Session, 30-45 minutes
Invite a new brand of satisfaction in your life!
Inspire you from being a creativity voyeur to being an actively creative person


"Cathy did a great job of reflecting back what I already knew to be true, but in a way that I would be more receptive to hearing." - Angela V. (August 2016)

Individual Paid Coaching Sessions ($66)

$66 "Creativity Health and Wellness Program" Session, 45 minutes
To create a solid routine and foundation for your creative wellness
Get moving toward vibrant creativity health!


$66 "Creative Block Buster" Session, 45 minutes
Bust your block and reclaim your creative power
Really get to the root of what is holding you back so you can move forward

Full Coaching Sets (more than one session; $138-270)

$138 "Yes, and ...", 90 minutes
You can have a day-job and eat your creative cake, too
If you are tired of sacrificing your creativity for your day-job, chores, and family and social obligations


$154 "Empress Yourself, Expanded!", 90 minutes and a teleclass recording
Empress Yourself for more creativity, abundance, and vitality!
If you want to claim your creative potential and move beyond blocks and limitations


$270 "Anchor Away with Accountability", 180 minutes
3 months of accountability can liberate you from limitations!
If you are ready to drop the anchor(s) holding you down


Coming soon ... Year of Coaching package, $545, 360 minutes
What changes could you make with a coach supporting you all year?
If you crave some major changes in your life and don't want to go it alone


Coming soon ... Coaching for Card Readers, TBA
One-on-one tarot or oracle card coaching for beginning or intermediate readers
If you are overwhelmed learning the tarot and want personal support and practice

Check out my Coach Compatibility Checklist for some tips on choosing a coach - how to know if a coach is a good fit for you.

Review my client agreement form. You'll receive a copy to send me when you book your session through Etsy, and you can return it when I email you to schedule our session.

As a coaching client, all of our work is completely confidential. I will not disclose your identity or any content of our coaching sessions. (If you choose to provide a testimonial, I will quote your first name and last initial or an alias of your choosing.) You may decide to share any information about our sessions at your discretion.

  • We can set up other custom session packages based upon your needs. Message me to discuss this.
  • I specialize in life coaching with a creative flair, but you need no art experience to participate! All creative exercises can be customized to your interest/ability level. We will use whatever works best for you.
  • I can also incorporate a live tarot reading with your session for an additional fee. Coaching clients get tarot readings for half-off.
  • If you are interested, but unsure, about becoming a client, please message me and we can do a free Depth-Charge session and talk about your needs.
  • I can conduct audio/video sessions on either Skype or Google Hangout. I also have a free audio conference phone number if you would like the session recorded so you don't have to take notes/want to review it again later. I'm located near Denver, Colorado for in-person meetings.

Read my F.A.Q. for more information.

Questions or comments? Want to schedule your free conversation? Message me here: Contact Cathy

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"We are all the authors of our lives. Give yourself the authority to create a great one!"
Quote from Exploring Your Depths blog, July 2014