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What is an ARTsignment?

ARTsignments are a component of ARTbundance coaching, where we use a creative exercise to dig for insights into an issue or problem. By accessing our creativity, we tap into our right/subconscious brain, which can be a treasure-trove of information!

Check out the sample ARTsignment below ...

Balance Beam Me Up - sample ARTsignment from the March 2014 newsletter

Balance is best illustrated on a spectrum, with far right or left representing different qualities of imbalance and a mid-point where neither end is pulling you down. I encourage you to play with this image.

Notice for a moment what is pulling you out of balance in this minute. Maybe your workspace or home is disorganized. Maybe you aren't satisfied with the status of a close relationship. Maybe you've been procrastinating on a project. Pick one thing that is bringing you down right now.

Then consider what quick thing could you do with that issue to beam yourself up a bit. Using the examples above, maybe you could clear a few inches of space on your desk or clear off a kitchen counter; you could call a friend to chat; or you could decide on the next action for your project. Notice what is out of balance, pick one thing to change, and move a step forward to beam yourself up.

Also, consider making a little doodle or collage to remind yourself that you can "balance beam me up" whenever you need to shift something that's bringing you down. You have the power to change in any moment, and you can create a more balanced life by compounding little steps in the direction of balance.

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"Don't fear discomfort - welcome it as a sign that you're doing something right!"
Quote from Exploring Your Depths blog, December 2014