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What can the tarot tell you about your issue?

  • Are you confused, frustrated, and seeking answers?
  • Have you over-thought an issue so much that you can't stand to think about it, but you still need to find a solution?
  • Are you looking for outside help, a fresh pair of eyes, to help you work through your issue?

I read tarot cards; I started in 1993. I have 22 different decks, so I guess you could call me a collector as well. I love studying the cards, asking questions, and sharing their perspective. Even if you don't believe a divine power is arranging the cards, they can still give you another way of looking at the issue so you can come to a new conclusion or solution.

Purchase a tarot reading - I have 5 to choose from:

$28 3-card reading: Receive a quick response to a single question

$45 7-card chakra spread reading: Ask the tarot to see how your chakras are aligned, or use the chakras as a lens on your issue
Chakra themes are: foundation, creativity, personal power, heart, communication, intuition, and inspiration

$50 9-card bagua reading: Look at your issue through the lens of the feng shui bagua map
Bagua themes are: abundance, public image, relationships, home/family, self, creativity, knowledge, career, and travel

$60 13-card annual/birthday spread reading: Receive a reading with one card representing each month, for the current date or starting on your birthdate

$60 13-card astrology wheel spread reading: Receive a longer interpretation on your question, looking at it through the lenses of the astrological houses
Astrology themes are: personality, environment, communication, home, creativity, health, relationships, shadows, adventure, work, friendships, and subconscious

Prices vary, Custom readings: Want more than a 3-card but less than a 13-card? Let me know your question and we can pick a custom spread for you - contact me below to discuss spread options and price

Let's ask my cards to help you with your issue! Book a reading today.

When you purchase your tarot reading, I will contact you to ask whether you'd like a written reading over email or a video reading either recorded or live with you over Skype or Google Hangout. You can choose which of my decks I use when you purchase a reading and I can email you a photo of your individual spread as a follow-up.


"I received a personal 5-card Tarot reading video from Cathy and was in awe. Her intuition was spot on! She was able to uncover a situation that I was experiencing and allowed the cards to provide some guidance. Her delivery came across as very sincere and unbiased, and really put me at ease. I especially liked how she held up each card as she drew them so that I had a chance to see it. Her video and phone readings are very convenient and worth the small investment. I recommend her to anyone, new or veteran to the Tarot arts." - Julie S. (March 2015)

"Cathy is very intuitive and helpful. I can rely on her to guide me when I struggle staying on my path." - Heather E. (August 2014)

"Cathy is a warm, caring, sensitive person and it shows in her tarot readings. She answered my questions and gave helpful advice. And she is so prompt in her replies. I recommend Cathy." - Diana S. (June 2013)

"I relied a great deal on Cathy's tarot readings when I was struggling to choose a path in my career. The readings she did for me allowed me to clarify and prioritize my options, and the related advice that she offered was straightforward and helpful. I look forward to working with her again in the future and would highly recommend her services to anyone who was looking for help with their decision-making process." - Cathryn G. (June 2013)

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We suffer by avoiding our creative work, and the only way to stop suffering is to address what is holding us back. I'm moving forward now on my creative projects, and I would love to help you move forward too!

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